Now this is home of the Battles museum website

Basically, like you read at the home page, this website is dedicated to one of the very fun things I do at school once a month; Battles. I make up eight characters (unless it is Creationary, see chapter three of “The Start”). Then I go around and ask kids (and teachers) at my school “Who do you want to vote for?” Five votes and the character moves on. Now that person doesn’t have to vote, but it would be appreciated if said person did. Anyway if the character receives five votes in all three rounds, that character wins!

Since Battles became so popular, I made this website for it. Some people still don’t like it, but to be honest they don’t make a dent in Battles. At first the website wasn’t very popular, but now receives at least four visitors a day. It is not a lot, but it’s better than one! Also I urge people to send in fan stories about the characters, no matter what. Just nothing inappropriate, please. Bear with me I am almost done. I think this will become something big, do you? That’s basically all there is to it.

The character at the top, by the, is Twister. He’s the mascot and to learn why read “The Start”.


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