Two lonely farmers were out in their cornfield, wanting a child. That day, a tornado struck the field, and only FIVE corn stalks was still there. The couple picked them up, only to realize that they were alive! They named them June, Stalk, Mariana, Justin, and Corny, May champion of Battles.

Over the years, Corny and his siblings always defended themselves and each other, and became feared by the bullies in school. Corny, though, was rebellious of sticking together. Everyone feared him instead of the bullies. When he found out about the Battles, he entered to prove he was strong. As known by all, he won.

When the Finale was on, Corny thought about cheating his way through. But he was overheard by a competitor, and did not cheat. He was brutal, however, and blackened everyone he was fighting. He thought he was a shoe-in to win, but his strategy proved futile against Twister’s fighting skills. Though he held a grudge against Twister, he finished his education, and is in the Country Army.


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