Though unsightly in appearance, Dragman is not all bad. In fact, he was a knight from the Usan realm, sort of medieval-science fiction crossover land. While on duty, an unknown knight was risking his life to save Princess  when he had to fight a huge dragon. It was a dragon of 500 feet, never defeated by one man.

Before tussling with the fire-breathing overgrown lizard, the unknown knight released the princess, then went to wrestle the dragon. Somehow, someway, a mysterious ooze rose from the ground, and the wrestlers fell in. The whereabouts of the kidnapper is unknown.

When they came out, there was only one man. But when he is looked at, you realize he is actually the two put together. Creating the persona of “Dragman,” he attempted to return, but was turned away when everyone saw him. He was forced to go the realm outside of Usan… the world of Battles.

Dragman was on his own, and soon found using his aggressive attitude and knightly training, Dragman became a bounty hunter, but only fought on the side of good, unless given money of unimaginable value. While on one of his missions, he saw an ad for Battles 2, and decided to take his energy out there.

Fighting many things, including a crayfish version of King Kong, Dragman was able to move on. This is where he was nearly tricked into killing the princess he saved sometime ago. A mysterious man gave him over ten billion dollars, saying he needed to kill the princess of a region he showed him. Not recognizing it to be the land he worked in, he flew there to kill Princess Apricot.

Letting his instincts take over, Dragman burnt the castle and killed Apricot’s husband. But when he finally cornered Apricot, he realized who she was. Snapping out of his trance, he fell to his knees and wept, for he had destroyed his home region.

After leaving and avoiding the remaining forces, Dragman vowed to find the kidnapper and payer who had ruined his life. After being called back for the tournament, Dragman unleashed his fury on Torch, but it would be Day 2 when he unleashed his instincts.

Dragman fought Twisted Twizzler, and somewhere through the battle, Twisted Twizzler, the psychopathic liquorice, made the ultimate taunt. “I kidnapped her.” That snapped the already angry dragon into craziness, beating the Twizzler hard.

Round 3, and Dragman mutated. He became taller, larger, more instinct-prone, stronger then ever. Wikachew seemed to have no chance. But Rian was a quick thinker, and used Dragman’s instinct-thinking, ad Dragman was beaten.

To this day, Dragman lives isolated. Twisted Twizzler holds a grudge, and if he was ever found, he could go on an unstoppable rampage.


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