Epic Face Gunman

The story you will hear is strange. It all started when a phone was typing an epic face. But the phone was shot, and the bullet and the epic face mixed, and out popped Epic Face Gunman. At first he was a common criminal, but when he saw a woman and a baby being robbed, his heart turned from dark to good. He took down what he used to work for, then looked for something new to do.

While at a shooting range, E.F.G. saw a poster for the second round of Battles, he thought he could win, so he entered. for the next three days he shot long and hard, and when the day came, he was ready. He had barely been one of the eight to get in since the amount was growing fast. Eventually, he was at the third and final round against Nuke Luke, and took him down.

Those who knew about the past of the epic shooter feared he would go mad with power. But he had changed and continued saving many towns, including beating Nazi Mosquito, who was spreading terror in many places. When the finale came, Epic Face was eager to apply. But he was beaten by Twister, one of the first competitors. At first E.F.G. thought he would brag about winning, but he didn’t. He extended a hand of friendship toward the Gunman, which was accepted. Nowadays, he remembers how he and Pygmy, his friend, helped Twister with his lifelong quest.


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