It was a dark and stormy night. The thunderstorm was loud for all to hear. A car was driving, and the guy driving it would soon become a proud father. A lightning bolt hit the car, and it started to spiral out of control! The man jumped out, and the car hit a wall and exploded. The man heard crying, and when he looked into the wreckage of the mobile, there lay a baby, made out of lightning. The man looked up into the air, then carried the baby home. This is how all people on the planet were born; mysterious ways. There was so much energy in the car it made the lightning become a baby!

In his high school years, Lightning was reckless and rebellious. Somehow, though, he kept his grades up to A’s and B’s. In his college years, he would drop out after the third for something exciting. He became a miner, and would go into dark caves, and once even paired up with Twister on an adventure! But he longed for excitement. Eventually, the third month of Battles came up, and it was EXACTLY what he had been waiting for. He remembered when his friend back two months ago did his own battles. Twister came to do it, but Lightning beat him in the last round.

Well, Lightning entered. He was more in it for the excitement, and boy did he get it! Explosions left and right. Rocks crumbling from the highest points of the arena. It was madness! But somehow, he prevailed, and beat anyone who got in his way. When he was called back into action, why would someone like him say no!? He beat the Origami Jedi easily, but since he was a master of the force, he did not lose his cool. But when the time came to battles Twister, he wasn’t as lucky as last time. Though they beat each other nearly to death, Twister was rooted on by Lightning (who suspected Corny of foul play). Though today he wishes he won, he is still the December champion. That makes him happy.


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