A popular character, Lizman is only a lizard, but with the intelligence of a man. Tests were run on the lizard before he was intelligent, and one of the experiments caused him to be smart. One of the scientists decided to adopt him, and raise him as his own. As much as he was smart, he was also that really cool kid who everyone hung out with.

One day, he and his friends were playing Truth or Dare, and Lizman chose dare. His dare was to enter Battles. If he won they would pay him $100. All though he said no, the “Buck-BOCK!” made him do it. He practiced his tail whip, took on some school bullies, and went to fight training. Soon the time came, and Lizman was all set. He beat everyone who crossed his path, and took home gold for Battles: April.

His friends could not believe he won. Nor could they believe they had to cough $100. So he finished school, top of his class, and soon was renowned at his school for the win. Then he accepted to go to the Battles Finale. But the first round he was beaten by Corny, master of the Stalk. Though he lost, he was thrown a HUGE graduation party, and even some finalists came! Truth or Dare, the game that affects life.


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