Origami Jedi

The impossible fold was folded. The 3-D origami version of a Jedi finger puppet. The folded paper was soon alive when a special and experimental wind spirit. Origami Jedi was created, and living with the name Whirl, he lived with his creator for a couple of years before moving out. HE was about half the size of a normal man when he moved out, and it turned out that he was being hunted. Hunted by the same people who had created the wind that gave him energy. They were called Argos, and they wanted to experiment on him.

Argos hunted the Jedi for some years, but using his Jedi master skills, he was able to evade. Soon, he came across the Battles, in December. Knowing that he could let out his fighting skills and hide from Argos at the same time. He entered himself in under the name Origami Jedi. Before he could actually get in, he was ambushed by 100 soldiers. He was cut, and when your paper I mean snip. He was in the hospital for a month, and entered instead in January.

He was there to win, not just sharpen and test out his skills. He fought long and hard, and trained when he was having free-time. Some people called him an “Exercise alcoholic.” He eventually made to the final, where he beat BOOM. Thinking it was over, he went on a quest to expose Argos as the corrupt corporation. He didn’t care what would happen, as long as they were exposed. Eventually he was called back for the finale, but lost in the first round with Lightning. He made a friend out of it though; Screwball, who was also being hunted by Argos. Together, they exposed Argos and became world-renowned heroes.


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