A baseball game started, and the ball was out of the park. When the ball landed, it hit a screw, and fell down the building where the screw was. Then special wind blew to him, and he became life. Now, if you had no idea what the heck Battles was, you’d think the story is over. But a woman walking by saw the half screw, half ball baby falling and caught him. Knowing no one else would take him, she did.

Over the next years, Screwball found out about his creation. He found out that Argos made the wind, and were hunting him down. Not wanting to endanger his mother, he left home and moved to another state. This is where he found out Battles: March was coming, one year later, so trying to keep his mind off the fact he left his mother, he entered.

Practice makes Perfect! That was the guideline he followed. He worked for an hour a day, and then it was time. He won, as you can see in the Winners section. But, that was not it. He was asked for the finale at the end of that year, and he accepted. The first round, he beat Pygmy, which he was happy about. But he did not train for the second round, and lost to Corny.

This did not help. He had lost his mom and the championship. Although it was Argos that gave him life, he blamed them for hunting him and separating him from his mother. But he soon found out that someone else was after Argos; Origami Jedi. They exposed Argos, and it was shortly after taken out. He was reunited with his mother after all this, giving him pure delight for the first time in a long time.


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