Sticker Star

Sometimes, when stars are created, they become living. Like when Sticker Star came to life, he lived up in space, but always wondered about the world below. However, there was a special gift that he was given by a mysterious man called “The Traveler.” The Traveler stated that he must use this power for something to come, for a great threat was coming. As he grew up, Sticker Star was able to manipulate stickers into reality.

When he was older, Sticker Star came down to Earth, and saw people, all in different shapes, sizes, and species. While exploring, he came across a poster for the Battles Contest. After much thought, he decided to go for it. Eventually beating his opponents, Sticker Star returned to the stars, and became a rookie in the M.W.P.D., or Milky Way Police Department. While working a case on, Paper, the world of Battles, he was called back for an All-Star fight of Battles 2.

Sticker Star faced off against the ruthless, twisted psychopath Twisted Twizzler, but ultimately lost. Nowadays, he looks back and says it was training for what is to come. He soon became Police Chief of M.W.P.D., and squares off against countless villains. Though he knows that one day he will be in the greatest battle of his life, he continues the fight, waiting for that day…


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