Picture this scene: A building is on fire and sparks seem to be flowing in. Then the smoke clears, and out comes a baby completely made of fire. If you pictured the baby looking like small Torch, you just figured out how he was born. Torch was completely made out of fire, so it is kind of hard for anyone to touch him, unless you wear tin foil. Not to mention he couldn’t have any drinks, and mostly ate hot peppers.

When he went to college, he was an average student. While looking around the internet for an assignment, he found out about Battles. Deciding to “burn” off some energy, plus the $10,000  bonus check, Torch entered. He won, but soon a tragedy happened. All records of the fight were lost, and memory was erased of the fight by somebody, but nobody knew how or who. So for a while, nobody was sure who had won.

It wouldn’t be until the tournament that Torch was figured out to be the winner. By this time, people only gave him pats, not believing he had won. But then it was figured out, and everyone cheered him. After the Finale, he was seriously injured when fighting Dragman, and was sent to the hospital. Paparazzi swarmed him,interviewing him about the blasts and giant lights of fire that were created, and how did getting beaten feel. Not wanting this attention, he got personal guards with the remaining money to stop them.

Torch is famous for creating several different elements of fire after the fight, and to this day, he actually became a firefighter, being able to suck up fire. Yes, that is Torch for you!


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