Everybody on the planet has appeared in some strange way. For Twister, a tornado struck a small village, and when the tornado stopped mysteriously, in its place was Twister, with a name tag attached to his baby carriage. Some people, even Twister, believe the tornado only happened to create Twister.

As the years passed, Twister grew up with a normal life, or as normal as someone on that planet could get. Soon, he wanted excitement in his life, even though the search for what created him got him in enough trouble. Soon, though, he found what was called “Battles,” a fighting competition. He didn’t expect to win, but tried it anyway.

His first competitor was Boxer, who was made of boxes, was beaten easily. When he made it to the final round after beating Super Cow, he could not believe it. It was him vs Alloy Balloon, a balloon guy made of a special alloy, so you couldn’t pop with a pin. Twister was able to beat him, and was the first guy to win the competition.

Over the next few months, Twister felt more sure about himself. But he was nearly killed during one of his quest, and barely escaped. Soon he was called back to the arena for the finale. Since the year was almost over, the boss of it all was calling all the champions from those months to decide who was the best. The winner would get this kind of super power-up which makes them better than before.

Twister first went against Epic Face Gunman. Twister fought hard. and eventually beat him. The next round was even longer, but somehow Twister was able to beat Lightning, a rival of his. The competition was a two-day fight, and later that night Twister was visited by Screwball, one of the competitors who was beaten by Corny, Twister’s fighter.

“Are you okay?” Twister asked him because he was badly bruised. “I’m fine,” he replied, “But that guy is way too strong. Watch out for the pellets.” The very next day, the battle was killer. Twister was nearly beaten, but was able to turn the tables on Corny and take him down. A blue sphere was given to Twister, and when he crushed it, he was full of the power he was promised.

Soon Twister would find a letter on his doorstep saying to fly to the sky. So he did, and when he made it up there, the creation of himself was instantly flashed in his mind. The tornado that created him was a special tornado that could do things. This one created a person. Twister’s lifelong quest had been achieved, and he was the mascot of Battles! Life has been going good for him, as you’ve realized. To this day he is recognized by many.


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