By Rian (Creator)

So, he basically starts out as a Pikachu in Viridian Forest that has unusually sharp teeth that was caught by a Trainer named Rian. Rian nicknames the Pokémon Wikachew. After defeating the Elite Four at Indigo Plateau, Rian finds a fighting competition called Battles, and he enters Wikachew in it. Now

Rian and Wikachew travel around Kanto, but sometimes fight in Battles if they have time.


3 thoughts on “Wikachew

  1. Oh yeah. Also, if Wikachew wins the Finale, can you say that in the blue sphere was ultimate power and and a Thunderstone, making him evolve into Wikaraichew?

    • You know what? How about if he evolves into Raichu, he’s re-nicknamed Wiachew instead? I like that idea. 🙂

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