The Revenge of Bottle Dolphin

Stooky Sauce’s note: Bottle Dolphin was a character from Battles 2: April who lost.
By Shane
  Dolphins are one of the most calmest animals in the sea. For example they don’t kill humans like sharks. People today are dumping garbage in to the ocean and polluting, which is the reason that more and more aquatic animals are becoming either extinct or close to extinct such as the hammerhead shark. Although there was just one dolphin that was out of the ordinary. He could survive pollution. He was 100% recyclable. His name was… BOTTLE DOLPHIN!
Chapter 1: Meet Bottle Dolphin
  You may not have heard of Bottle Dolphin, that is because he lost Battles 2 April. He was so close to winning, but lost to Skateboarding Sweatshirt. It all started like this…
Bottles Dolphin was swimming in the Atlantic Ocean until something interrupted him. A boat that awfully looked very similar to the Titanic.  “Ahoy Bottle Dolphin” said the captain. “We were sent by “Con” of the one and only Battles to see if you would like to participate in”. Bottle Dolphin couldn’t believe his ears. With no hesitation he said “OH YAH!”. A hatch in the hull of the ship opened up and he happily swam in. Later that night Bottle Dolphin was in the cargo hold, which was converted to a temporary home for him, he was dancing Gangnam Style until a steward walked in with Bottle Dolphin’s fish dinner. The steward stopped at the sight of him dancing and put down the dinner. “Thank you my good man and forget what you saw I just needed a way to get my happiness out. The steward nodded and walked away. Bottle Dolphin didn’t notice the person standing behind the steward. “Hello there I’m Skateboarding Sweatshirt I will be competing in Battles too”. “It’s a pleasure to meet you” said Bottle Dolphin while chewing on his fish dinner. Since they had nothing else to say to each other Skateboarding Sweatshirt left. Bottle Dolphin got a good nights sleep. Then the next morning came.



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