Lightning and the Terror of Twisted Twizzler

Chapter 1: The Plan

Twisted Twizzler was on his usual cliff, the lightning flashing as usual. “I have already won the first part of these battles,” he thought aloud, “Once I win and have this ultimate power, my plan to take over the world will be unstoppable! Until then, I must make my first plot; harnessing the lightning power.” He built up his machine and pointed up into the sky. But then, clouds started to swirl behind him. A brilliant spark burst out of the sky, and when the blinding light was over, there stood a pure embodiment of lightning. “Who are you?” The crazy liquorice exclaimed.

“I am Lightning,” the body of sizzling light explained, “and I have come to stop your plan of taking the energy of the skies.” Lightning shot a beam out of his hand, and knocked T.T. over. He got up and the battle went fist to fist. “I may not have won the year, but I will defeat you,” Lightning said and was kicked back by Twizzler. “Well unlike you, failure,” Twisted said, “I will win my fights and unleash my ultimate form. Until then, this is my plan.” He then knocked lighting to the ground, and chained him. “You will be the first drained,” Twisted Twizzler grinned, and pointed the beam at the hero.

Ch. 2: Savior

The beam shot out. At the last possible second, a shock of lightning flew from the sky and blocked the ray, but the power of  it was sucked into the machine. “BAH,” The psychopathic red snack mocked, “It’s not a lot, but it will do!” He shot the lightning he had collected at a nearby city. Lightning jumped off the cliff and rocketed toward it.

You want to know how fast lightning travels? Ask the pure embodiment and he’ll tell you. Right now, he was traveling at that speed to stop the electricity from the sky. That village was full of people, and he would not let one die. He put himself right in front of the shock, and absorbed it. But, this lightning was contaminated, and it caused Lightning to become dazed and confused. He started to fall, but used his last bit of energy to propel himself toward the cliff. There he hung, and he started to climb.

Chapter 3: The Hard Climb Up

Twisted Twizzler laughed. He defeated the embodiment of what he was trying to control. Only when he looked down did he realize Lightning wasn’t done yet. He shot his beam toward our dazed hero, who dodged the blast and continued. Again the beam was shot, but the contamination was wearing off, and soon the flight was on.

Chapter 4: Destruction

Lightning propelled himself as fast as he could. The Crazy Liquorice shot several of his beams, but Lightning was too fast. Twisted Twizzler jumped away from the machine, and Lightning picked it up. “Oh no you don’t,” the villainous snack stick yelled, ad he shot in the air red vines, made of twizzlers! He caught Lightning by the foot, who flew harder than before.

“You cannot escape me!” the maniacal twisted red stick exclaimed. As Lightning was pulled down, he threw the machine off the cliff. “NO!” The Psychopathic Red Snack screamed. The machine hit the ground and broke to pieces. When our electric hero was on the ground, Twisted Twizzler exclaimed he would pay.

The hold got stronger. “I don’t thinks so,” Lightning said, and he punched him and Twisted fell over. But the twizzler was able to escape, saying “I’ll have my revenge on you!” Though the psychopath escaped, the sky’s electricity and world were safe. Lightning actually felt proud, and flew off.


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