The Lizman

By Weaver

Chapter 1: The ‘Fridge
Lizman was having a regular day at school…until he was refrigerated.
He was playing four square with his friends, whipping the ball with is tail when needed. Lizman got out for the first time in his life!
“Whoa!” he said. “How did I get out?”
He decided it must’ve been something distracting him, so the intelligent lizard went looking for it.
After several minutes of searching he finally found it: a bright, flashing light on top of the school that wasn’t there the day before.
“Hmm,” he said to himself. “What could that be?”
So he scaled the side of Wadsworth Middle, where he went to school, and was nearing the top when a window opened right next to him. Out peered the substitute teacher for biology, Kenny Slamsham.
“Hey!” Kenny barked. “Get in here!”
Reluctantly, Lizman obeyed. He climbed in the window, shutting it behind him.
“Just WHAT do you think you were doing?” Mr. Slamsham asked.
“I saw something on the roof, and I was going to—”
“You will do nothing of the sort!” came the yelled response.
Then a glint came into the eyes of Slamsham. “You have been very naughty,” he said. “I will now punish you.”
He grabbed Lizman and tossed him into the refrigerated area where they kept the things they were going to dissect the next day.
“You will be the school’s next DISSECTION!” Mr. Slamsham said, laughing evilly.

Chapter 2: Coming Soon!


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