The Start

Are you sitting at home right now thinking “I wonder how he did this”? Well, wonder no more. I’ll tell you from my perspective how Battles started, became popular, and what it is today.

Chapter I: G’n’T

It is fourth grade, and I have a goal on my mind: To get back into G’n’T. Back in third grade, I was not doing so well with it. So I had to take a break, but I thought I had to be re-evaluated. I wanted to prove that I was worthy. In the first month, I did not think of anything. I wasn’t that shy kid in the corner, however, but didn’t play a lot of things. Little did I know that next month would be the start of something BIG.

Recently, in the summer, I had gotten a drawing book from my Aunt. This is where I would do the Battles. During snack I created eight characters; Super Cow, Circle Dude, Twister, Boxer, Harry, Woody, Giant Spider, and Alloy Balloon. I had gotten a lot of people to vote, but when I asked my teacher to vote, she said she would after lunch. But by the time we got back, Battles: October was over, the winner being Twister. I wanted her to vote, and I decided to do it again next month. Thus, Battles was born.

Chapter II: Dislikes, No-votes, and a New Year

Well, although you might think everyone loved Battles, not everyone did. There was one kid who I considered sort of the queen of hating Battles, but I’d like to keep her unknown. She tried to influence other people to not do Battles, but she only got 3-4 people to go on her side. Everyone else kept voting.

There were some people who did not understand the concept, so they did not do it. Some people still didn’t understand after a month or two, but most did. So they voted before the new year came around, and there were two new month champions: Epic Face Gunman and Lightning. Then January came along and Origami Jedi was added to the roster. By this time a plan formulated in my mind.

Chapter III: Creationary and the next three months

January is actually when I had the idea. The purpose was to show off people’s creativity and also encourage it. I originally planned for it to be in January, but forgot and thus the champion was Origami Jedi. So February became Creationary Month. But since it was my first time, I accepted the first eight characters.

If you look at the Winners February 1 you’ll see that the champion was Pygmy, whose creator was Jake. What you won’t find out on that page is that his character was the first character to be entered in Battles February. Then he won, as you already know. The next three months were normal, with three new characters added to the roster; Screwball, Lizman, and Corny. After the May Battles, the finale was some weeks away.

Chapter IV: June and Summer

I’d come a long way. From the unrecognized kid with papers of characters, to the guy named Connor with an amazing drawing book of recognized characters. There were still 1-2 haters, but not many. Now I was leaving the birthplace of Battles, and leaving for a complex year. I then ended this year’s Battles with the Championship between all monthly characters. The prize: Ultimate Power.

The fight was on. But the voting procedure changed in the Finale. Instead of needing five votes every round, the second round was ten, the third was fifteen, and the first was the same. After two days, the finale was over. I wanted it to be big, so I asked the substitute if I could announce to the class. “The winner is… drum roll please,” I said. There was a big one, and I yelled “TWISTER!” There were a lot of yeses and Nos, and haters told me, “Nice going.” But it was pretty good. One summer night I thought about how next year’s would go, and I thought “Battles 2.”

Chapter V: Battles 2: October, and beyond

Music class, where the first person ever heard about Battles 2. I cannot remember his exact word for word, but, hey, he was excited. He is also the creator of Pygmy;  Jake. He recommended to keep it as it was like last year, but I thought it was a good idea to change it up a bit. As you can see on the winners page, the winners so far have been Dragman, [cannot remember], Sticker Star, Twisted Twizzler, and Wikachew (Creator Rian). This is really a short chapter, but meaningful. This might not be updated for a while, but don’t fret. It’s non-fiction story about Battles in progress, and might grow to an amazing story.

Chapter VI: Return of the June Finale

Coming Soon!


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