Battles: A Quest for being Creative

Book Edition By Shane
      If you vote for Battles and your sitting at home right know thinking “I wonder how “Con” came up with this?” Well wonder no more. As his friend I’ll tell you from his perspective how Battles started, became popular, and what it is today.
      Chapter 1: G’N’T
     So “Con” has told me that Battles had started early in fourth grade. He had a goal in his mind, to back into G’N’T {Gifted and Talented}. Back in third grade he wasn’t doing so well with it. So his mom pulled him out so he could take a break from it. But when he decided to rejoin he thought he was going to be re-evaluated. He wanted to prove he was still worthy of being creative. During the first month of school he didn’t think of anything. But that did not stop him and I’ll tell you he wasn’t that shy kid in the corner. Little did he know that next month would be the start of something big.
     Recently, in the summer of 2011 he had gotten a drawing book from his aunt. He later discovered that this were he would do Battles. One day he was having snack in school and the idea hit him. In his head he thought “What if I came up with eight creative characters and asked people to vote for their favorite characters.” So he came up with Super Cow, Circle Dude, Twister {now mascot of Battles}, Boxer, Harry, Woody, Giant Spider, and Alloy Balloon. The rules were that the first four characters who earned five points, advances to the second round. The the first two characters with the same amount of points advances to the final round. Last the first character with five points is crowned champion and moves on to the June Finale{although the June Finale of 2011 was unknown at the time}.
     So he started out by asking his teacher to vote. Although she was busy at the moment so she said she would vote after lunch. Then at lunch recess Battles October 2011 was started. The race was on, although “Con” got a little paranoid asking everyone he could to vote Battles was off to a smooth start. When he got back from recess Battles October 2011 was over. The winner being …Twister! He felt bad that his teacher did not get a chance to vote. He needed a solution that concluded to be Battles November. Then from that moment …Thus Battles was born.
Chapter 2: Dislikes, No votes, and a New Year
         So, Battles was was pretty much off to a good start, in the following months. Then 2012 came around. “Although you may have thought everyone liked Battles, sadly not everyone did” “Con” told me. He told me about this one girl who he considered the queen of hating Battles. But due to privacy reasons he would like to keep her unknown. She tried to influence other people not to vote for Battles. But luckily she only got around 3-4 people not to vote so it did not do much damage to the voting system. On the bright side everyone else kept voting.
         Battles was still new at the time and people were not use to the concept. So they did not vote. Still, after a month or two people still did not understand the concept but people who did not understand, but most people who did not understand the concept before, do now. So they got the chance to vote before 2012 came around. In the two months before 2012 the champions were: Epic Face Gunman and Lightning. Then in January, Origami Jedi was added to the roster. Around this time “Con” had a plan formulated in his mind.
Chapter 3: Creationary and the next three months
   “Con” tells me about Creationary month which takes place in February. He felt bad for kids who were trying to be creative. So he wanted to show off peoples creativity and also encourage it. He originally planned for it to be in January, but forgot that Origami Jedi was added to the roaster and was competing in January. So since nothing was planned for February that became Creationary month. Since it was his first time doing this he accepted the first eight characters.



3 thoughts on “Battles: A Quest for being Creative

  1. Hello Weaver you already know I am Stooky Sauce’s friend’ he also let me use the name awesomesauce. Long story short I am awesomesauce2. I wrote this story so it will be published as a book for Battles. Also I have now written Chapter 3. To answer your question it will be finished when Battles 2 is over.

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